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Fiances drinking problem or am I being overly sensitive?

My finance when I first met him drank probabaly an 18 pack a night but now hes down to 4 to 5 days a week and only drinking to excess 1 or two times a week now. Well yesterday he went scouting with his brother for a hunting spot where he brought his two kids age 5 and 8 with him. I asked him not to drink during them scouting, he said he wouldn't. They got back and I was at work. I called my fiance who was obviously smashed and got irritated that he was so drunk at 5 o'clock and watching the kids. Well the kids call me about an hour layer saying he puked and passed out and they haven't eaten yet. So I get off work early and come home to the kids. When he wakes up later that night I'm pissed and naked it very known! He starts going off that he should be allowed to drink if he wants and hes a grown man and I'm giving him rules ect.. maybe I am! I grew up with two severely bad alcoholic parents one who ended up committing suicide over it.. so I'm a little more sensitive to these things I guess. Anyways he starts screaming at the kids for calling me saying its there fault I intervened and he pushed up almost down the stairs. It got out of hand.. I got the situation defused but was still second guessing myself maybe i started **** when i shouldn't have and he should be allowed to let loose from time to time... idk

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    He's not for you. His behavior goes against your values.... why would you stay with someone like this? It's not going to get better, and you already know what it's like to live around drunks.

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    Yeah, don't marry the man, if he can't even stay sober to watch the kids he has a problem.  If wants to waste his life drinking he can do it alone.

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    You are not being too sensitive. But a very similar question was asked by a woman who said her bf smoked too much and she was 4 months pg and is she being too sensitive so I think it is the same person and this is made up.

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    Why would you not want more for yourself from life?

    It's unclear if these are your children, or just his, but children should not be allowed around someone like that.

    Why on earth would you agree to marry him? He is the dregs of society

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  • Anonymous
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    Break off the engagement. It has served its purpose. 

    The “drinking problem” is called alcoholism. You’d be marrying a drunk. That’s like playing Russian roulette with five live rounds and one empty chamber. 

  • Pearl
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    i wouldve kicked him out for that and not let him watch your kids if hes going to drink like that

  • nanu
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    3 weeks ago

    move on...................

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