How long until a german cockroach egg hatches in colder weather?

I lived in an infested apartment before, ended up throwing out most of my furniture and really checking everything else. I found a few lazy adults after I got settled in my new place (remarkable how long they can live without resources) but they were quickly dealt with and since I have seen no signs. Three months after I left, however, I saw a few nymphs just in strange places out in the open. They didn't even react to light. Still no signs of a traditional infestation, and no access to food OR water. I remember reading that eggs can wait up to 90 days if conditions aren't right, but I'm no expert. Does anyone here know?

Yes, they are the German variety, and unfortunately I live near the city so hitchhikers are possibilities.

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  • 3 weeks ago


    but I have found boric acid to be very effective. It's not a poison, it kills by mechanical action, the sharp edges on the grains cut up the roaches. And they carry it back to their nests where the action continues. Completely harmless to humans and pets. put a liberal amount in the corners, under sinks, any openings where pipes come through the walls or floors. 

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