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Are Jehovah's Witnesses right, if you celebrate a festival to Centeotl and slap a Christian sounding name to it?

will it always be a celebration of the Aztec corn god?

Why is this such a sore subject to people that they have to report and get it removed two times?

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  • Terry
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    Suppose, for example, that your entire family and community was massacred on a particular day. Then suppose that the town leaders decided to celebrate that massacre by making the day a holiday. After time, the idea of celebrating a massacre became distasteful to the people, but they liked the actual celebration and wanted to continue having their holiday. So the name was changed to reflect something more acceptable - even something *sacred*. Most of the people by now didn't even know about your family - much less the massacre. But you did. Would it not be horribly upsetting to you despite the new name and the fact that most people had forgotten the original purpose for the celebration? It's not likely that you would be willing to forget, much less embrace the holiday. In the same way, Jehovah God does not forget, and he requires those who serve him not to behave ruinously - no matter how much time has passed, or how *generally accepted* a blasphemous celebration has become.

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    • Patrick4024
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      Bull crap.  The elders do not follow that, and the members are in denial.   The two witness rule to a wrong doing has protected the molesters from any kind of real action against them. 

  • Doug
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    3 weeks ago

    JW's are rarely right about anything.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Third time's a charm? LOL

  • 3 weeks ago

    The Jehovah Witnesses are the most irrational religion one could know.   One should never take any of their strange beliefs as being what God desires. 

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