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Whats the best model .177 to use to hunt deer?

My local Conservation cop told me the best, classic, all American deer hunting rifle is a .177. Which model pellet is the best to use to hunt deer? I was thinking hollow points.


I did it again I wasted your guys time lol

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  • abdul
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    3 weeks ago

    Here he is again; the anonymous pellet gun troll asking silly questions about hunting. The conservation cop lied to you.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    If you want a expert answer just ask daniel g the YA EXPERT.

  • Ana
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    3 weeks ago

    Yeah he was f*ucking with you lmao. He was trolling you. 

    In reality, You can’t use a pellet gun to hunt deer. It’s actually illegal in my state (VA) and in the surrounding states nearby. 

    Even with a Rifle, the smallest round you can use is a 2.43. You can’t even use the 2.23 AR-15 round because it’s a little too small. 

    Smallest is 2.43. You can use 2.43 or larger, in firearm rounds (you know, the bullets that have gunpowder in them and go boom). 

    My recommended gun to hunt deer with is a 30-06 or if you don’t mind the recoil, a 7mm. This gun is good because it can also be used to hunt bears.

    Although if you’re planning on also maybe hunting bears then try the .300 winmag 

    • falconry2
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      3 weeks agoReport

      Wish I knew, YAHOO has been pretty useless lately.

  • 3 weeks ago

    You can't use a pellet gun to hunt deer with! Somebody was pulling your leg.

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  • Dze
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    3 weeks ago

    doubt theres much available ... ive seen .25 pcp air rifles that will drop fairly large game with a head shot though .. what is legal in your area you should look into also ..

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