What can cure Xanthelasma?

Oh lord I have these unsightly xanthelasma scars on my face. Anyone knows how does it form and what causes it ? I really hate the sight of them . I read online about this Naturalis xanthelasma treatment that is being effective to treat this condition . I am trying to get this from stores in New York . Does anyone know where can I find it?  

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Xanthelasma causes yellow skin growths around the eyes and is caused by too much cholesterol or fatty acids (lipids).  The Naturalis website (Naturalis.com) has a page about Xanthelasma cream, but doesn't list it on it's online order form.  There is no mention of their products being available in stores.  Some suggestions:

    * There is a line of creams for the condition called The Four Elements which have good customer reviews.  These are sold on Amazon.com and at the stores listed on https://www.google.com/search?q=where+buy+the+four...  (You may want to call first to check).

    * The website linked below makes great claims about their guaranteed product.

    * A Dermatologist can remove the growths by freezing or snipping them off; however this might not be covered by insurance.

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