My teeth at 17 are awful?

I am 17 and am so dissapointed and ashamed of my teeth. When I was younger I hated the dentist, as most children do. As far as I can remember, my teeth were never awful as a child due to the dentist and brushing. However, my mother was super lenient in the sense that because us kids didn’t want to go to the dentist, we didn’t. I also had a really bad diet of fizzy drinks and sweets constantly and barely brushed (disgusting I know - so embarrassed right now). As of last December, I went back to the dentist after about 5 years of not going and poor oral health, and since have improved my diet by giving up fizzy drinks completely and a lot less sweet treats, more fruit. After many appointments, I have 7 fillings in my mouth (the horrible silver ones so they’re very visible unfortunately). And I have to get my very back bottom right tooth extracted in 2 weeks. I am so embarrassed and ashamed of myself and my teeth. However I have been brushing and rinsing and occasionally flossing twice a day everyday for past 2 years after getting back into the right hygiene. However i was going back to the dentist every 4 months to hear I have 1-2 more cavities (adding up to the 7 I have now). Its a never ending circle. I wish a thousand times that I could go back in time and change my disgusting habits. I also am looking to get braces due to gaps in front teeth and slight overbite but my teeth aren’t in the right state at the moment. Is it getting too late? Please share and ease me. Thanks. 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    No, it's not getting too late, all of us did things that we still regret the point isn't what I have lost but what I have got left if you dwell on what happened to your teeth you will lose motivation thus you will even lose the other healthy teeth,


    know it's not easy to be that young and have bad teeth already but it's not the end, keep brushing, consume less sugar communicate with your dentist explain your concerns, I am sure you will be alright please don't lose your motivation it's quite crucial, wish you a



  • 3 weeks ago

    Talk with your dentist about his plan for caring for your teeth and what is in store for you. That's the best you can do.

    And fruits contain sugars (fructose). Sugar is sugar.

  • 3 weeks ago

    However I am told by 2 dentists now that I have “Beautiful gums” so that’s the only positive thing. 

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