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Is it equal and fair for the UCU to ban straight white men from their conference?

UCU :  University and Colleges Union.  

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    "Is it equal and fair for the UCU to ban straight white men from their conference?"

    That's neither equal or fair.  I would use the word "ridiculous" instead. But at least this shows the true colours of these sjw types and how they operate from a perspective of fear. The reason for this is so that their "groups" can have "safe spaces" with which to hold discussions, apparantly. In other words, these people disrespect and demean their own group members by stating that they are so weak, that they couldn't possibly justify anything they stand for when debating face to face with anyone outside of their group. Especially straight White males.

    The entire Neo-Left is showing itself to promote segregation and hateful group-think ideology by continually using censorship and banning others from partaking in events within their social structures. This shows that their ideas are cancerous to our Western civilized ideas of Freedom and Individual responsibility, as well as their own supposed ideas of "diversity" and inclusion.  And this is why we should shun the entire ideology ... and ridicule it's propositions and undefendable ideas such as this one.

    If they can't even defend their strange ideas without banning others from the dialogue, then their ideas cannot stand on their own, and do not merit discussion at all.  Sorry sjw's ... but you are a joke!


  • Foofa
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    9 months ago

    That's just absurd. Thankfully most of those polled on it agree with me.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    All men should be banned. Black men aren't less sexist than white men.

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    There are some sound reasons for doing it.  Protestors and the like can disrupt genuine lectures.  Yet changes must be granted.  You have to convince those straight white men of the justice of your claim.  Otherwise you are only preaching to the converted.  Which means that the process is entirely counterproductive.  It is designed to set one group AGAINST another and to foment discontent where none need to have existed.

    It presupposes deliberate discrimination which is an easy thing to sell to someone who feels that they would get MORE as a result.  Much harder to sell to a group that has to give up something.  So why try to convince people of the justice of a claim when you can all sit around whinging and telling each other that you deserve more?

    An even more significant point is that it creates a myth that there are perpetrators and victims.  Reality is that we all are perpetrators at times and we all are victims at times.  Being mistreated in one area is not, and should not be, a licence to mistreat others.  But that is the way that it is sold.  All about "rights" not about "responsibilities".

    In essence the process is a complete and utter disgrace.  Not how to improve the world at all.

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  • Bill
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    9 months ago

    They banned people for being straight men and being twenty-seven or older. 

    I get where the idea comes from that straight white men are just the most advantaged group ever, but where exactly does this idea come from that people stop being disadvantaged when they turn twenty-seven? Do women just stop being women when they turn twenty-seven? lol

    I also find it humorous how they rationalized banning straight white men by saying that these kind of spaces for disadvantaged groups is nothing new. Tell me, do you think people would be complaining if this was something new? No, they likely would just think it is strange or not pay any mind to it, but the fact is this kind of thing has been going on for years and so as expected some people want to see it stop. 

    To answer your question, no, it's not fair or equal to ban straight white men, but then I don't think they were trying to be fair and equal to straight white men. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Of course not.  Their point wasn't to be equal or fair.  Sadly a bias against white males is not uncommon in education.   

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Not at all, racists and feminists are not interested in ‘fair; they are anti white and anti male. 

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