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Were the IRA & ISIS nobodies till the Tories pumped some life into them?


Zero is the amount of arms Corbyn has given to terrorists, loads is how much Tories have given to terrorists and/or despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia and Israel

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    That's right, the Tories hardman policies in Northern Ireland saw IRA recruitment sail through the roof.

    They also encouraged thousands of British Muslims to go to Syria to fight Assad and gave them all arms when they got there along with local jihadists who then created ISIS.

    For more terrorism on your doorstep, vote Tories.

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    9 months ago

    No, they were murderous thugs. Friends of Corbyn though, and still are. 

    Islamic terrorists, jihadi brides, friends of Corbyn, he gave isis the benefit of the doubt when beheading prisoners. What a man! 

    Source(s): What kind of troll needs to answer his own questions?
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    9 months ago

    IRA, where the greatest enemies of the British they gave them a run for their imperialist money and power for over a century ISIS are just savages both, are terrorists one had more justified ideology Irish Republicanism Irish Unity and other wanted to take over the world.

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