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Putting the hard drive of the old laptop into new one. So will I have issues?

I had battery/display issues with the old laptop. So needing the data on it, my friend sold me his (same one). I put the old hard drive in the new laptop I am just wondering before I power it up, is there anything else I should be conserned about or will it have everything of the old laptop no questions asked? If it is needed it it is a Lenovo G505 with Windows 8.

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    should be fine as long as it is the exact same model. the one possible issue [I don't know] would be with Windows. Win X may have recorded the MAC ID of the mobo and processor in your old laptop and then object to running on the replacement. If so, there's a toll free number that will come up on your screen to resolve this. You'll need the Windows serial number from both machines to do this [usually on label on the back]

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