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My sister killed her husband, baby, and herself last weekend. Do we reach out any to the husband's kids?

The funeral was yesterday and I gave my regards. The husband's family seemed annoyed we came. We did not stay long at the reception. My sister was buried in a private service last Thursday.

The husband's kids were not hers. We gave them our regards at the funeral reception and then left as we seemed to be agitating the man's family by our presence. Do we reach out any further or since they were not biological nieces and nephews do we just not contact any further? The bio child my sister had with the man she murdered was killed also in the murder-suicide. The couple was splitting and something happened that must have set off my sister who has never been stable and refused help.

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    if you guys were close and had a good bond with the husband's kids then probably.

    but if you guys weren't that close then it might be a good idea not to contact them right now. 

    you could contact them in a couple of months to see how they are doing.

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    i would if you wanted to

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