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Should I seek a second opinion about the dental work I’ve recently had done?

I was eating a chicken quesadilla, went to swallow and noticed something rough when I did. Then I could feel that my back molar was sharp. Looked in the mirror and half the tooth was gone and the center of the tooth was black. No prior signs of discoloration or pain on the tooth. Went to the dentist and they said I had an impacted wisdom tooth, so we had that and the broken molar removed with a bone graft put in (so I could have an implant later)On the other side of my mouth I was missing a top molar(had it pulled 8 years ago) so I had a bridge put on after a couple more visits. Had to go in twice to get the bite adjusted because I was having a lot of jaw pain. Enough to wake me up at night. Went back and had 6 fillings a week later. Its been three weeks since the fillings. (About 6.5 weeks since the start of the process)I went back 4 days after because I was going out of town and still in pain. They adjusted the bite again and suggested I might be grinding my teeth at night and I could look into getting a mouth guard. I had never had any issue with tooth sensitivity or jaw pain until I had this work done. Now I wake up regularly with mild to severe jaw pain, a headache and throbbing teeth(ones with fillings.)Depends on the night as far as how bad it hurts. I want To ask them but I’m thinking I maybe should go to another  dentist and have them look at the work, before throwing more money at the one I’m using and still being in pain. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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