If the moon suddenly disappeared would everyone on earth die? Please read my details.?

The moon's gravity causes the tides and waves in the ocean so obviously our bodies are being affected by the moon but we just don't feel it. If the moon suddenly disappeared would we all feel it and pass out or am I talking nonsense?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Yes, every person on Earth would die.


    A key word in your question is "suddenly". The Earth would be released all at once from the tidal pull.

    There would be a colossal world-wide earthquake stronger than any that Earth has sustained since the giant impact that formed the Moon. The Earth would vibrate like a bell for many weeks and every building would be destroyed. Tsunamis miles high would circle the Earth. Volcanic eruptions and landslides that have been building pressures and may normally not have occurred for centuries will be triggered all at once, along with the release of tectonic plate tensions.

    The problems incurred because of the immense amount of material thrown into the atmosphere would be overshadowed by the effects of the subsequent and catastrophic cooling.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Our bodies are tiny compared to the moon so its tidal effects on our bodies are negligible. You could never even detect tidal effects on such a small object.

    We would not be affected if the moon were gone. But it would change the geology and oceanography of the earth.

  • 4 weeks ago

    The moon's gravity does cause tides, but not waves.  If it were to be 'beamed away' - you'd have a lot of concerned people, and lower tides - as the Sun is still there... but we wouldn't all just suddenly die.

  • 4 weeks ago

    To answer your question, no.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Words "..moon suddenly disappeared..", modes:

    *1* 'Donut Tim' explained scenario if moon float away instantly, ... not such event on the horizon of possibility of other influences (aliens or life from other planets with tech intervening same as war scenario, not).

    *2* Higher probability that might happen any time in the future (but again that probability is less than 0.00001%) moon to be hit by other moon or same size asteroid or other object that would result in similar or worse scenario as happened 65-66 mia, and most of the life we know it would not exist together/including the humans.

    Possible and with basis among some scientists with guessing that until 66 mia earth/planet and we had 2 moons, but 1 got hit by something the near size and collision created destruction s : layers, chemical reactions, new elements, melting s, cosmic dust in the planet's orbit around the sun, and layer of darkness with hundreds of thousands years.

    Possible and with basis among some 'not scientists' that happened alien or war between and also among different species and one moon had been shot for self-destruction of all.

    (because scientists with hypothesis and distrust, doubt, mistrust, question, suspect, disbelieve, discredit, reject will only try to turn you away from truth using words lack of evidences, but there are)

  • 4 weeks ago

    Had the moon never formed, people would just take no tides or moonlight for granted.

    No you wouldn't feel it or have any impact on life.

    You may note a change like a brief dizzy but your EQ will catch on quick. no more faint gravity tugging on you. But the moon isn't going anywhere quick.

    A change may be no mole crabs to play with on the beaches, they use tides for their feeding, thankfully the sun will provide some of that.

    What would a lovers lane be without a moon.

  • 4 weeks ago

    We would eventually die but it would be due to the breakdown of the Van Allen belts, not the direct influence of Cynthia on our bodies.

  • ANDY
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    4 weeks ago

    Scientists claim that the moon plays an important role in keeping our planet secure. Without the moon Earth would wobble (back and forth movement) in such a way life would be difficult to attain. And if life could still exist with a wobbling moon, it surely would be different from the life we perceive and know of.

    Source(s): Decades of reading
  • 4 weeks ago

    "so obviously our bodies are being affected by the moon"

    No, they're not!  By coincidence, I was talking to an astronomer about this only a few days ago - she's calculated that her earrings have 10,000 times more effect than the moon.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Likely to be talking nonsense.  There is no evidence to show that the moon has any significant effect on humans, at least nothing that is remotely close that it could be life-threatening.  There is equivocal evidence that psychological variations can link to the moon, and even that minor variation is not well-demonstrated.

    So, I am thinking that you are talking nonsense because there is no reason to think what you are saying is true, and lots of reasons to think it isn't.  But hey, it wouldn't be the first time I am wrong, if what you say were to be shown to be true.

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