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How do I stop crushing on very flirty guy?

The reason I want to stop is because I'm happily engaged and have a baby on the way. My coworker is single and a big flirt. We both have birthdays coming up, I'll be 29 and he'll be 31. Sometimes, I think he knows I'm crushing on him because of the way he looks at or smiles at me. Whenever my fiancé comes to visit, my coworker watches us and probably notices I ignore him when my fiancé is around. 

At work, he often helps me out if he thinks I'm struggling or stressed or if there's a lot to do in a short period of time, he'll help me out as much as he can. He mentions his ex's a lot and I admit, I get jealous. He also has implied that he's well-endowed. I don't think he is interested in me, though, because I know his type and I'm not his type. Plus, he's not shy at all and would tell me if he wanted me. How do I stop crushing on him? I'm not changing jobs because I really love my job and there's nowhere else I'd rather work at the moment. I'm making more money there than I ever have. 


Also, I'm not interested in cheating on my fiancé, which is why I'm wondering how to get over my silly crush on the guy. 

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    I think the best approach is to try and keep your self as occupied as possible. Basically, every time you find yourself thinking about him, try and do something that requires a lot of thought to get him out of your head. Moreover, what you can also do is to cut down on the amount of time that you spend around him by only talking to him when necessary.

    The other thing that you can look at doing is to try and boost the romance in your relationship with your fiance. Doing things like going on date nights and having him show you signs of affection etc will get your mind focused on him and not this other guy. Basically, you just need to be work on getting other things inside your head instead of focusing on getting him out of your head. I really hope this helps :)

    Source(s): How would you describe your relationship with your fiance? Is he the romantic type? Would you say that you imagine this guy to be all of the things that your fiance currently isn't?
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