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Do you think I have an Eating Disorder?

For most my teenage life, I really over ate. It eventually got to the point where I ate every second of the day (literally), always craved food, and never really got full. I got up to almost 230 pounds. Then my mom suggested I start the Keto diet, so I did. It was a lot easier than I thought because we took all the bad food out of the house. I was really healthy for a little bit and losing weight like crazy. I was counting calories too. Over time food started to weigh on me. I felt like even 900 calories a day was too much. I started restricting a lot (500-900 cals. per day). Then I stopped counting calories, but I was still conscious. I wouldn’t eat all day so that at night time I could eat whatever my mom made (or whatever I wanted) without going over my limit. This lasted probably a week more or less. Then recently, I had a break through and started eating a lot more. My family has been going out to eat more so it makes everything super tempting. My mindset is just, “I weigh a lot less now so this won’t hurt me! I can exercise it off or not eat.” And I end up eating whatever I was craving (recently it’s just been fries along with my chicken breast or whatever I had as a main dish). Today especially I feel guilty because I ate fries at two different places :(( ! In my last I’ve tried not eating for days, purging my food, and tried chewing and spitting once. I know ED’s are bad but a part of me doesn’t want to admit I may be beginning to have one (whichever one I may have).

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    Anal draining what’s it called colon treatment!!!???!!!

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    You're slipping back into old habits, and unless you're going out to eat at McDonald's or Burger King, there are a lot of Keto friendly choices on most restaurant menus.

    When a person has lost all of his or her weight on any eating plan, they might have a "cheat day" once in a while, but honestly, i don't recommend it.

    Keto is a great way to eat for life. And if a person doesn't want diabetes, inflammation or other health problems later in life, they will stick to the natural way of eating - keto.

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    Sounds as if you're having a rough go at things!  Do you know who Lindsey Stirling is?  She is a tiny girl... here is her story:

    Youtube thumbnail

    For me, will you start a journal/diary?  Today, right now you can start here on your PC.

    List 3 things or people that are good to you. Easy, right?  Just 3 today but 6 tomorrow.

    Do it, and then reward your self and write that down too!  Be Good To Your Self!

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    230 lbs is pretty heavy. I wouldn’t go back to that size 

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      She'll end up in a worse state with an eating disorder. 500 cal a day will eventually KILL you. Add to that possibly purging and you have a life-shortening problem.

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