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Will she ever talk to me again? ?

I know this sounds like high school crap, but it's not. I'm almost 29 and my former best friend is also 28. We'll call her Ashley. We've known each other for 7 years now. We weren't immediate friends and didn't have a lot in common originally, but we were the best of friends. We were extremely open with each other and never judged each other, even if we didn't always agree with each other. I practically help her raise her almost 5 year old daughter and I've known her 7 year old nephew most of his life. 

I have always been there for Ashley, even if I didn't always agree with what she was doing. She's barely ever been there for me and she was actually pretty selfish, but I dealt with it because she was my best friend and I love her. Over the summer, she randomly messaged me saying she no longer wanted to be friends anymore because I no longer served her "greater purpose", no idea what that meant. I tried asking for a better explanation and didn't receive one. I even tried asking her mother why Ashley didn't want to be in each other's lives anymore, but her explanation wasn't much better. 

I have emailed Ashley 3 times now. First time was early August, second time was mid-September and third time was yesterday. She's missing out on so much of my life and I hate not having her and her support there. I told her in the last email I keep hoping she'll contact me. Do you think she ever will? 


I told her she knows I'm stubborn and I'm not giving up. In the first email, I told her I'd give her some space, which I'm trying to, but there's just so much going on in my life that I wish she was a part of (i.e. my first child will be born a few weeks after her daughter's 5th birthday and I really want her around for that). 

Update 2:

It doesn't help that Ashley has done away with all social media so the only way I can keep track of HER life at all is because her mom is still on my friends list and posts photos from time-to-time. 

Update 3:

Hope-She wrote back today. 

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  • Hope!
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    4 weeks ago

    Sorry to say this, but I think your friendship with her is over.. she has made it plain that she doesn't want to see you. She hasn't responded to your 3 attempts to reach her.. give it up.. you deserve better, and she has a right to pick her own friends. 

    There is a chance that if you stop contacting her, she might realize what she is missing and then reach out to you... but reaching out to her now, after many attempts is sort of harrassment. You want her friendship, for your sake.. you need to respect her decision. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Why an earth should she care about missing out of your life? What makes you so special?  She has clearly shown you that she is not interested in you and only had you in her life to serve her. Have some pride and move on.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You better just write her off. She used you just until she found someone new to put up with her ****. As for her mom, you can still converse with her but (You) don't mention the girl .

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