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Is illegal drug use common in Japan?

When a celebrity is publicly shamed and canceled by the Japanese media for possessing drugs, do other Japanese that use or have used drugs feel any guilt because somebody else got caught but they didn't?


And don't give a meaningless "that's just Japanese culture" answer, when Japan's prudish attitude toward drugs directly comes from from America's prudish attitude toward drugs

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    3 weeks ago

    I don't think so.  Feeling guilt doesn't sound like a typical reaction they would have.

    I would guess they will think they should take more precaution, not much else, never feeling guilt or anything.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I don't think you can blame the US for this one. Japan's laws are much stricter than those in the US. It has more to do with being a collective culture, where individuals are expected to take responsibility for the welfare of others, as opposed to the individualistic culture in the US, where individual behavior is thought to only affect that individual. Here is some info from a source:

    "There's a "zero-tolerance" policy in place for crimes related to drugs, and the penalties are strict in Japan. Same goes for drink-driving offenses, which can lead to fines or jail time, and alllowing someone else to drink and drive with you as a passenger. Bar patrons are also subject to random drug testing, and if you smoke outside designated smoking areas in parts of Tokyo and other major cities, police can fine you on the spot."

  • Quinn
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    3 weeks ago

    Illegal drug use does exists, but Japanese society (and Asian in general) do not see drugs as socially accepted unlike in some western countries.

    As for Japanese drug users feeling guilty, get real. Name one drug user who feels sorry for other drug users?

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