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Is this a good example of an Author Bio?

(Author's Name) is an 18 year old student at (University Name). Although currently pursuing a career in (Major), she has a love for writing short stories and novels, which she pursues in her free time. 

When not attending classes you can usually find her with a mug of tea, watching Netflix or finishing up homework. She currently spends most of her time wishing she could go home to see her two cats, and maybe even her wonderful family.

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    It's not one that would make me look on this author as a person who's likeable. It's mostly loaded with information we don't need to know and things we can assume about anyone.

    Usually I tailor my bio to fit the tone of the publication. One might be breezy, low-key humorous, another dramatic, like that. So keep that in mind as you revise.

    Knowing nothing more about you than you've given us, I'd rewrite this as:

    Author attends University, where she studies Major. When she's not in class or finishing assignments, she's typically watching Netflix with a mug of tea and wishing she could go home to see her cats Felicia and Karen.

    Why those changes? Nobody needs to know your specific age. They'll make an assumption that's close enough knowing you're a university student. They will also assume you enjoy writing and that you do it when you have free time, because duh. They'll assume you love your family, too.

    What I'd add is sometime more about this story/novel the bio accompanies--your qualifications to write it, where you got the idea, something along those lines.

    This stuff is harder than writing the work itself, isn't it? Although IMO queries are the worst...

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    Take out the age, after a year it won't be accurate. It takes a publisher about 14 months to get a book to market. Just say you're going to university. The's too personal, generally only one sentence is 'personal' and the rest is factual in regards to the writing. not hobbies or real life wishes.

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    It seems rather juvenile and  immature.  I would not want my Editor to use it.  

    Source(s): Have been a published about 60 years
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    "Author's Name) is an 18 year old student at (University Name). Although currently pursuing a degree in (Major), she spends her free time writing both short stories and novels. .

    This (story/novel) grew out of (whatever inspired it)..."

    If it is meant to be fairly light-hearted you might add

    "besides writing she loves tea, her cats and her wonderful family."

    Since practically every author biography I have read in my own genre, including my own, mentions cats perhaps, yes, leave them in.

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    No, sorry, but it's not.

    It's poorly written and would make all intelligent people immediately decide to avoid her work completely.

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      Like Whatever, I'm reasonably intelligent and did not cringe. I would add to Ms. Bittner's and Tina's versions that [this title] is her first novel or "She is the author of [earlier books by the publisher].

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