Why was life easier for my parent's generation than those generations after them? At least after Generation X or Y?!?

My dad says that all those "blessings" or so called life gifts him and my mother got were because of hard work [only?..or mostly?] but I rather think it was BOTH! When they graduated college in the 70's, there were jobs lined up for both of them. When they got married (at 23 and 24), they were done with school and now earning well enough to start getting married and starting their own family that by the time 1982 hit, they had a four bedroom house, two nice cars, two children, a maid (this was in the Philippines), and a dog! And actually there were TWO maids! One to cook and clean and one to take care of us children! Of course there were only two but my big question is WHY?! WHY was it soo easy for them to go up the ladder (financially and socially) so to speak! Compared to the young adults now (in large student debt and aren't even sure of a stable job... a stable marriage isn't cool or "in" anymore, people sleeping around - but that's another story!)...

All I wanna know is why! Why was it so much easier for previous generations to become sucessful (both financially as well as relationally?!)...

Is it because the previous generations were too selfish to think about the conditions of the next generations?! It sure seems that way what with inflation and the rising cost of everything! Them having so many children that they couldn't always support!, etc!

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  • 2 months ago
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    Will you be better off if you move to the Philippines?

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       But now people in their 20's want to purchase a home without ever renting, get a car for free for graduation and holiday in Hawaii on a $12 an hour job. It's not possible. It never was possible for most.  

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Past generations worked for the things they wanted. They started at the bottom, and moved up. They didn't change jobs, and they didn't feel like they were owed anything. They were more active, and more apt to do menial jobs at first, and more likely to accept jobs with manual labor. They simply had more drive. 

    Kids today think that if they go to school, a high paying job will fall in their lap. There are ways to offset college costs (grants, scholarships, military service, etc), but those require work. Cellphones have made kids lazy. Instead of simply working harder, they go online and rant and rave and do nothing to improve their position. 

    It's funny how past generations worked hard and made it, and did just fine, and only within the last 20 years or so complain about how hard it is to make it. 

    Edit: Even if they started there, they started at the bottom and moved up. 

    Edit 2: I was NOT directing it towards you, but towards the generation you asked about. 

    Edit 3: Do you see yourself at Wal Mart in 5 years? 10? 20? No? Then what are you doing to change that? 

    Edit 4: A recent Gallup poll found that millennials quit change jobs three times more often than past generations. If your parents worked 5 jobs, a millennial would work 15. Hard to advance like that. 

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    • Suzy Suzy Sue
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      get a big leap like some other people born from either priviledge or just being part of the older generations or something like it! 

      Here's a interesting link that proves I'm even right!  https://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/21/life-is-much-more-expensive-for-you-than-it-was-for-your-parents.html 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    the older generation relies less on technology while the younger generation is usually always seen with a phone in their hand.My parents wanted the house, lots of kids, and great jobs. I just want to be happy.”

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