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Is El Paso TX. a safe city? Or is it another Detroit or L.A.?

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    The white parts are safe. The Mexican parts are Mexico. You do have a sizable portion of white Mexicans. These are mostly the better class of Mexicans who were driven out of Mexico during the Mexican revolution back in the 1910s. You do know that about 1 million Mexicans were killed in that revolution? It was a real war that is not talked about much. The socialist/peasants won, killed or drove out all of the professional/business/investment class and set the country on to the course that it is now on.

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      We All know of it,  and how  Juarez City was attacked by Maderistas in 1911.  16  American ASARCO engineers  killed by Villa; a ;lot more in 1916 Columbus. 

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    Its not as bad unless you are a few blocks from the birder. Then, the US side is actually Worse than going to Juarez!

    Source(s): Live only a 100 miles from El Paso.
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    It's safer than most cities in the US!  I was in El Paso earlier this year, and it was nicer (and bigger!) than I expected. 

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    Another American city?

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