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Is it true that it only takes 8 weeks to cycle a 4 ft tank?

I’ve got 5 guppies in a 4 ft tank and looked up how long it takes to cycle it said 2-8 weeks is this true with 5 guppies also I can’t decide weather to have a tank with jaguar cichlids and oscars or a black ghost knife fish is it true black ghost knife fish are hard to keep which fish do you recommend I get out of those two combos

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    The tank may cycle in 4-8 weeks, it depends on about 100 different factors.  But your tank will only be cycled for the bioload of 5 guppies.   It would have been easier and possibly faster to use a fishless method of cycling.  because you could fil it with ammonia or 3-4 dead shrimp in a bag, and let it sit.   But know who need to do multiple water changes and tests to keep the fish alive.

    I am sorry to say that your tank is not large enough for even one oscar, or a full grown black ghost knife.

    Knife fish are very sensitive live caught fish that are not for beginners.  They get very large, they may hide most of the time, "you can get a clear tube so you can at least see them when they hide.  You need to feed them special food.  You may need to handfeed them every day.  It is fun though.  You never keep a knife fish with another knife fish or another electric fish like the elephant nose. never keep them with aggressive fish, or fish that may irritate them in there hide outs But they can live with a wide range of other tropic fish.  If this is your fist tank, wait at least a year, and consider a brown ghost knife instead, it is a much smaller fish, 

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