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What is this rash?

So about four days ago, I got out the shower (a very hot shower since i like them) and noticed all these red pimple like with no head spots or mosquito like spots on my stomach. They were spread out. I thought it was bed bug bites but i checked and nothings there, plus they barely itch. Now theres some on my upper thigh and a little bit on my back. They don’t hurt at all. But they’re all over my stomach and very noticeable. I’m not sure what this is and I can’t goto a doctor because I don’t have health insurance. Im also a teenage if that helps. Im starting to worry, here is a photo

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    It's difficult to assess just based on the photo, because the spots look like they could be a number of things. The largest spot looks scaly, like it has some dry skin and in need of moisturiser, but the fact that they aren't itchy or irritated is curious. It could be an allergic reaction to soap or clothes washing powder, but that would usually result in some itching.

    If you cannot go to a Dr, are you able to go to a Pharmacist and show them and ask their opinion and if they have any creams? Or alternatively, have you got a family friend who is a nurse or Dr who could look at them for you? It will be difficult for anyone to give you a definite answer online. Good luck

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    It's likely a herpes infection.  I wish there was a cure I could recommend, but there isn't

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    I get similar-looking bumps all over my torso when I spend more than a couple of minutes in very hot water. They tend to itch for about half an hour after getting out of a hot shower and then stop. Like everyone else has said, we're not medical professionals, so asking a pharmacist or school nurse is probably your best option.

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    you could talk to your school nurse.  they might have something they can give you.  or your local pharmacy for some over counter medication.  

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