Can you claim to not have insurance?

So I am a college student, working a minimum wage job and I want to go to a clinic for services. I have health insurance that is covered under my parents, however my dilemma is that I do not want them to know about my visits. I know that visits to the doctor show up on your statement so in order to avoid this my thought is to just not use/ claim I do not have insurance. Also I would be going to a low income type of clinic as too avoid paying a hefty bill since I will be paying everything myself. So my question for anyone who can answer is, is this ok to do? Is this in anyway illegal? Is there anyway for the clinic to see if I'm lying about not having insurance. Can I or my parents possibly be penalized in some way? I can prove my income to the clinic so that is not a problem. Does anybody have any answers/ advice/ experience they can share? Also getting my own insurance is not an option.I'm wanting to go for mental health services and a women's health exam. My parents are not at all understanding of these issues, as I've brought it up to them before. I need to help myself.

Also I live in Texas if that helps with any laws or anything.


Or is it possible to have a visit not show up on insurance bill/statement?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    If you want to pay cash for medical treatment, they will accept cash. it doesn''t matter if you have insurance or not, as long as the bill is paid

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Well it's fraud for a start and it's abuse of resources that people without insurance actually need. 

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