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Mixed feelings about upgrading my gaming pc?

Ok so ive had my computer for 3 1/2 years now and suddenly my pc got a nasty, unable to log in to windows virus. My anti virus was disabled and it was acting crazy the times i logged in. I still has some issues even after factory reset. The virus is mostly gone. I dont use my computer for anything except youtube and Facebook+gaming/ research. What are odds getting a virus like that from a completely healthy pc? My point is if i upgrade will the virus come back? My theory is that its a hacker.

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  • 9 months ago

    If you don't have proper virus protection, and you go back to the place where you got it before, then the odds are pretty good that you'll get it again.

  • Bill-M
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    9 months ago

    Factory Reset does not work in all cases.  What you need to do is a CLEAN INSTALL.

    That wipes everything off of the Hard Drive. 

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