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My bf does not have health insurance and has never been treated for his medical issues (Since age 10)...?

My boyfriend has Carpal Tunnel and Back Issues and Arthritis. He is 21. As a kid he had all three as well, (growth rate - maybe?) but never got checked since his family could not afford it, so its worsening and I was wondering if there were some cheap fixes without surgery. And no, advil or ibuprofen does not help him anymore. 

Hopefully, I get some help and thanks for trying.

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    If he's overweight, then losing weight should help with his back issues and arthritis. If he has carpal tunnel because he's playing too many video games, then he needs to dial back his gaming to give his wrist/arm time to heal. If his back issues are also related to gaming (poor posture, poor back support), then he needs to stop gaming or reduce it dramatically. He should also get a job at a place that provides health insurance (such as Starbucks). Then he can get the treatment he needs.

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    Tell him to go to his County Hospital.  It's free.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Stop doing whatever is causing the repetitive stress.

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    See every kind of doctor, but it sounds like orthopedics mainly. See if some yoga can help. People say it can do wonders. Try doctors in other cities with good reputations.

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