why does my friend want my attention ?

I told my friend I do not want to hang out with her anymore since she is dangerous and I only want to meet in my town or at home where its safe since she is dangerous. So she did not like that idea so she decided to not text me for three weeks and now she's texting me again about going far places and driving her. She doesn't take no for an answer. it always has to be her side and I have been telling her that she needs serious help but she's not admitting it. Now she's texting my friends in the group chat that we are both in and tbh I do not really hang out with that group since I have a busy schedule but I can still see the text messages from all of them. Why is she texting my friends with red hearts and love emojis in the group chat where I can see it and I know that's not how she acts in real life. 

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