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What's the chance of him having genital herpes?

My boyfriend has a blister on his lip and we think it's a cold sore. He's been touching it and trying to figure out if it's a cold sore or a pimple. We're pretty sure it is a cold sore though. He said earlier that he liquid came out so he doesn't think it was a cold sore but I told him you can pop a cold sore but you shouldn't. Well without us even knowing what it is he jacked off now and now I'm worried that could've given him genital herpes. Like 30 minutes after I looked it up and saw that it can cause genital herpes. He washed his hands and his penis very quickly. What's the chance of him having it? We're supposed to be together for the first time in only 4 days. Our first time meeting.

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    Cold sores don't cause HSV2, cold sores are caused by HSV1 (oral herpes). But they can end up on the genitals by having oral sex, with some one while they have a cold sore. 

    He would have to touch a cold sore then with in seconds touch his genitals. If he's washing his hands after touching the cold sore, that is unlikely to happen.

    They're different types of the same virus, any type of herpes that ends up on the genitals gets called 'genital herpes'.

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    Two entirely different viruses cause cold sores and genital herpes. You don't get genital herpes any other way than having sex with a person with an active sore on their genitals. 

    • Thumbs wasn't from me. FYI cold sores doesn't cause genital herpes, but they can be passed to the genitals via having oral sex with some one that has a cold sore. 

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