where to put my bed?

i have a very small room and a queen sized bed. when you walk into my room, there is a wall directly to the right, so there’s no space there. then, there is a wall to the left of the doorframe with a sliding door closet, which occupies the entire space of the wall. the wall opposite the door has a large window that takes up roughly 2/4 of the center of the wall. my only furniture is my bed. i have tried placing my bed with the headboard to the large window, with the feet facing the closet, and i hated it because the room feels very cramped and the edge of the bed is nearly touching my closet doors.  right now, i have the bed horizontally against the window, centered on the wall. i lay my pillows up against the window so it looks normal. this does make my room a *little* more spacious, but it makes my bed a total pain to make and my bed skirt is only 3 sided so it looks a little off. does anybody have any other ideas as to where to put the bed? my bed can fit in all directions in any part of the room. 

if you don’t have any ideas for where to put the bed: would you rather walk into a bedroom that feels very cramped, or a bedroom where the bed has one side visibly missing a bed skirt when you stand at a certain spot?

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  • drip
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    3 weeks ago
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    All bed skirts are three sided. The top of the bed doesn’t have a skirt. Buy another bed skirt. Flip the skirt so the head of the bed now is covered. The sides skirts will be doubled,

    You have a bed way too large for your room. Your room will look crowded with large furniture in it. Nothing you can do about that. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    I use to have a huge bed and small room 

    We centered bed so it had two side so we could each get in.

    It was certainly a bedroom...you up door and all bed

  • Laurie
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    3 weeks ago

    Get a smaller bed. Your furniture is too large for your room.

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