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Is Moon in the 8th house a difficult placement to have?

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    4 weeks ago

    Depends on the sign the Moon occupies, the house the Moon rules and aspects to the Moon. 

    It will never cease to amaze me that on YA Answers/horoscopes, where the talk is almost nothing but signs, signs, signs, when knowledge of the sign is actually needed, it is almost always omitted. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    8th house is a malefic house and lord of 8th house becomes malefic. Planet posted in 8th house loses all its good significations.

    8th house signifies longevity of life, inheritance, legacies, wills, insurance, pension and gratuity, accidents,death by drowning, fire or suicide; misery, misfortune, sorrow, strife, worries,disgrace, delay, dejection, disappointment, defeat, loss and obstruction, theft,robbery, chronic diseases, financial condition of spouse, danger to oldest sibling, black money, functioning of sexual organs.

    Predicting based on single point that moon is in 8th house will not be correct, one has to see which planet is aspecting 8th house, location of 8th house lord, nature of sign in 8th house, major and minor period of 7th house lord and 8th house lords, presence of other planets in 8th house.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    It could be worse. If it were in the 7th house, and Jupiter aligned with Mars, you'd be looking at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Hippies all over the place.

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