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Will pure partisanship in Louisiana oust a decent governor?

I wouldn't want to be John Bel Edwards right now. "sigh* Red state LA might disappoint us!

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    I dont follow that states elections, so i dont know anything about him 

  • mokrie
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    3 weeks ago

    Bel Edwards has been a HORRIBLE governor.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Right now, the results are tracking about the same as during the general election, when Edwards got 45% of the vote and the two Republicans got 53% together.  The other 2% were given to candidates whose supporters are more likely to give their runoff vote to a Republican than to a Democrat.

    First realize Edwards only won four years ago because the Republicans ran a horrible candidate for Governor that year.

    Second, also realize the absolute travesty of justice the Democrats are currently perpetrating in Washington DC is motivating people to vote Republican, 

    • Impeach 45
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      You were wrong, you biased Republican! I'm sorry that Trump is so toast in 2020 that you're losing in Red states. Stop with your theories! This is clear evidence that people are TIRED of the GOP!

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