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True/false: a person is more likely to look unattractive if they don’t have money ?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    i think this is mostly true for women. they are the ones that tend to be the gold diggers after all. it all varies from person to person though. 

    when i date i don't take into consideration how much the woman makes and let that presuade me on how i see her as "attractive" or not. she obviously needs to have a job and goals in life and willing to work towards those goals but other then that if she is working and pursuing her dreams career wise idgaf how much she is making. 

    i personally don't make a look yearly my career doesn't even pay out a lot in general but i still work towards my goals which eventually helps my financial issues over time. i don't drive the nicest car i drive a beat up 90's windstar van that my grandpa gave to me after my car got totaled in an accident that wasn't my fault but aye it's a car and it has super low miles and runs pretty damn good for it's age. if a girl didn't like me because of these things then fk um. she can walk or catch the bus for all i care. she could date a guy that makes more money then me yet treats her like a slave and then tosses her to the curb in the future after he cheats on her. 

    Money is NOTHING.. you can ALWAYS make more of it.  

  • 3 weeks ago

    True, it's easier to look good with nice clothes and high end makeup \ plastic surgery then without.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes, if they can't afford make up or the proper clothing. Looking trashy can take away from a person looks 

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  • Olive
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    3 weeks ago

    False. Can still look good without money

  • Jason
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    3 weeks ago


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