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Do girls reject guys they are interested in?

There’s this girl I know. She told me yesterday that I was the funniest person she knew, and she sometimes smiles at me. I messaged her last night asking if she wasn’t busy if she wanted to meet up on campus sometime and she said she was sooo busy and said sorry with a sad emoji. I messaged back that I understood and she sent back a smiley face. We follow each other on Instagram and I post stories occasionally advertising for different events. Before today she had only viewed my Instagram story once over a month ago, but she viewed my story today. I understand she might not be interested in me, but I know that sometimes girls reject guys for various reasons. What do you think? 

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    The life of a typical girl, especially if she's physically attractive, involves a lot of trying to make friends only to have a certain percentage of those "friends" turn on her by revealing that they're not real friends but just want to have sex with her. So she told you you were funny then suddenly you decided that meant she wanted to date you. Sounds like she's trying to be diplomatic about it, but what you've done here is to betray someone's trust in you. Just give her some space and stop trying to date her and eventually maybe she'll trust you as a friend again.

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    1. Your request to hang out was weak. When trying to get a girl to go do something with you it needs to be something more concrete like coffee or ice cream or something. 

    ANd never frame the question in a such as this, "if you arent too busy do you want to...". F1ck that. Be more in charge when you ask a girl out. You almost want to be telling her to go do this and that with you, while not being too too bossy about it. 2. You gave up too easily. No girl is too busy for someone they truly want to spend time with. 3. Youre friendzoned. She is no longer a viable prospect. She'll just waste your time if you keep pursuing her. Move on to another girl and dont make the same weak azz "nice guy" mistakes that you made with this one. 

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    politely decline an invitation without hurting anyone's feelings (or making up an excuse about ..saying “yes” to things you really don't want to do can be she let u know in subtle way shes not that into u.move on bro

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