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Evil Quaker parrot help!!!!?

I say evil but I don’t mean it. Let me start from the beginning. I adopted a 4 year old DNA sexed male Quaker Parrot 3 days ago. I gave him space the first night but I left a door on his cage open so he could come and go when comfortable. He came out and started talking to me and my husband. He even stepped up to me. It was great he was so friendly. Well the past two days he seems to HATE me. I’m home all day with my two kids and I talk to him all day but the pst day he’s been trying to bite me. He will let my husband hold him and even a friend of mine who came over today. He climbed up my arm but bit me hard the whole way up. I got a bit scared because he was getting close to my face and my friend came up and grabbed him and he let her. He nibbles on her hands very gently and when I tried he bit hard again. He even drew blood on me yesterday. I’m used to smaller birds parakeets love birds and I even had a conure once. I’ve never owned a bird like him. The woman I got him from says he is sweet and never bitten hard before. Please no negative comments. I’m reaching out for help and advice so I can give this little guy a life he will be most happy with. I’m not going to lie he intimidates me a little because his bite hurts so much.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Something happened that you haven't mentioned. It may not have seemed important to you. 

    It may have been a noise or action outside his cage (dealing with kids or housework?) Or when you were interacting with the bird (overreaction to a nibble, sudden move?)

    You need to identify and regain trust. Try handfeeding treats.

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