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Me and my boyfriend want a place to make out!?

Me and my boyfriend are very serious about our relationship and we are very sexual and intimate. We both are extremely okay and comfortable with this. In a society where we live,it is not okay to have relationships in a young age or to make out (kiss,hug etc.) To further add,I am 16 and he is almost 18.5 years old. We have hugged and kissed before and touched each other's private parts too. We have done this in a park in a dark place where no one could see us but now it is not possible because there is no such space. And whenever we meet we are so horny and we just want to kiss each other and do tight hugs. We dont want to lose our virginity or something like that but just kissing and touching stuff like that. We do nasty video calling things too. What do we do now?

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    3 weeks ago

    Where I live this relationship would be illegal owing to his being an adult and your being a child. But as apparently he's an adult without his own place you'll just have to do what other kids do... Hope that your parents leave you home alone some evening, hope a friend has a car you can use or just continue risking being caught doing these things in public.

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    Come round my place next weekend. I'm away filming so you'll have the place to yourselves. The key is under the door mat. Don't mind my tiger, he's not dangerous but don't stare at, touch or feed him. Also don't touch my Maserati. My maid calls round at 8am every morning to clean up. I'll let her know not to disturb you. I'll leave some champagne on ice for you and scatter some rose petals on the bed too, because young love.. Enjoy

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    A few places..

    - In a car, parking lot, etc

    - At the movies

    - At a park or a forest preserve

    - In the middle of a street that isn't busy

    - In the pouring rain

    - In a pool or hot tub

    Some positions..

    - Pushed up against something (wall,car, etc)

    - Him picking you up, wrap your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist.

    - Lying down (him or you on top, or side by side)

    hope this helps.

    Source(s): Would you both be confident enough to do this sort of thing in public places or would you prefer more privacy?
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