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Christians: In the bible, who exactly was Cain afraid of?

According to Genesis, after Cain killed Abel, God punished Cain by forcing him to go out into the world alone.

Cain replied that if someone found him, they would kill him, and God placed some kind of protective mark on Cain, indicating he was not to be harmed.

But only three other people existed in the world at that time, and Cain had killed one of them, leaving only his parents, Adam and Eve. The bible mentions no one else up to that point.

Even if his parents sought to avenge Abel, they wouldn't begin to know where to look for Cain in this vast, empty world.

Just who was Cain afraid of?

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    His brothers, sisters, and his father, Adam.

    What? Who told you that? Genesis 5 shows us that Adam and Eve had sons and daughters. Nothing in the Bible says that Cain was the first child of Adam and Eve.

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    Good question that most will not be able to answer, for it is not taught.

    Cain was afraid of the other races that that God created on the sixth day.

    In Gen Chapter 1 verse 27 God creates male and female at the same time.This was done on the sixth day. These people are all the races except for the Hebrew people. On the eighth day God creates as stated in verse 5 of Gen Chapter 2 "a man to till the ground." This man was not created in Chapter 1 because it is stated specifically "there was not a man to till the ground." This man is Adam. So God created all the men and woman of different races on the sixth day.

    Adam was created on the eighth.

    Those other races who were created on the sixth day are the ones Cain

    were afraid would kill him.

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    Cain was not afraid, but jealous of Able.

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    I think Adam and Eve are archetypes. Their story simply tells the story of the entire evolution of lifestreams. And them  "eating" from the tree of knowledge was them trying to be like God who can define what is good and evil.  Otherwise, they would be too much insect in the world and why would God punish us for there sin? 

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    If Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel, where did Cain’s wife come from?” Although this is often asked as a trick question by Bible skeptics, the Bible does provide sufficient detail to give a satisfactory answer.

    Cain’s wife was a descendant of Eve born on an unknown date. Genesis 5:4 acknowledges that during his 930 years of life, Adam became father to sons and daughters. Of course, the Bible does not specify that Cain’s wife was Eve’s daughter.

    Indeed, the fact that she is mentioned after Cain’s banishment indicates that enough time had passed that she could even have been one of Adam and Eve’s granddaughters.

    Cain had plenty of time and opportunity to learn about God. He and his brother Abel may have been close to 100 years old at the time that they offered their gifts.

    Since mankind was then so close to human perfection, such a marriage evidently did not pose the health risks that may imperil the offspring of such a union today.

    So Cain married one of his sisters or perhaps a niece, which would have been in full harmony with God’s original intention for the expansion of the human race.

    for everyone to come from Adam and Eve, it is obvious that at least one man had to marry his sister.

    Cain, the first one of Adam’s sons reported to be married, very likely did so.

    Adam had other sons and daughters, who, in turn, had children.

    The Bible does not say that a sign or a mark was placed on Cain’s person in any way.

    The sign likely consisted of a solemn decree that was known and observed by others and that was intended to prevent his being killed out of revenge.

  • Relatives, Genesis 5:4 Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters that we do not know of, when they were born in relation to Cain and Abel. It would appear that Cain was first according to Genesis 4:1 and Abel later, we do not know where the other sons and daughters fit in, how soon after Cain and Abel they were born. We know that Eve gave birth to a son named Seth that took Abel's place in the lineage to Jesus Christ, Luke 3:38. But, considering how long people lived at that time, hundreds of years, it would seem in time that someone related could find Cain since Cain built a city for his son in the land to the east of Eden, Genesis 4:16,17.

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    It makes it clear that there were other people at that time. Cain went on to found the first secular city in the land of Nod. He was the source of all the anxieties in society, then and now. 

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    The Scriptures do not tell us about any children between Cain's birth and Abel's birth. We are not told how many years it was between Cain and Abel or how old they were when Cain killed his brother. Yet, we are told that Cain had a wife and that he became father to Enoch.--Genesis 4:17--After Abel's death, Adam lived another 130 years when Seth was born.--Genesis 5:3--During those 130 years there must have been other daughters and sons born, prior to Seth. After the birth of Seth, we are told that Adam lived another 800 years and becoming father to many other children. Thus, Adam lived 930 years and died.--Genesis 5:4+5--There would be no possible way Bible writers could write every detail of Adam's life or the life of any other well known person to the minute detail. There is much to learn about what the Bible teaches and I invite you to begin by looking into the international website, and Bible Teachings > Bible Questions Answered. If you believe what you learned, you can request your free personal Bible study online or from the next witness who knocks on your door or by visiting your neighborhood Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. There is never a collection taken and all are welcome. Thank you for this question.

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    Very interesting question.

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    Do you think the writers would have gone through a painstaking process to write down the names of all that were alive then? 

    The Bible only mentions those who had a central spotlight.

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