How safe are Toyota FJ60's?

I am thinking about buying a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 60 but am having a hard time finding things online related to its safety (crash test results and whatnot). Does anyone know or know where to find this information?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Compared to anything modern, they’re not very safe at all. Especially to other road users.

    You have to bear in mind that it was launched in 1984 when computer aided design was almost unknown, and much of the vehicle was directly descended from the much earlier FJ40.

    The FJ60 will have been designed to meet the very simple crash-test rules of that time: so no offset impacts, very little side-impact protection, almost no concern at all for impact with pedestrians and very little consideration for secondary intrusions inside which used to cause all kinds of serious leg injuries especially to drivers.

    It was also designed at a time when the limited crash test data was not required to be a matter of public record and not subject to the kind of standardised safety tests now required. So you simply aren’t going to find the data you’re looking for.

    But you have to put this into perspective: it was by no means any worse than most other cars of that time, and simply due to its height, size and weight compared to most other vehicles at that time the occupants would likely have fared better than average, provided the vehicle didn’t roll over as that also wasn’t a consideration back then for anyone other than Volvo and Saab. These days, in collision with modern vehicles it is the other way around: the modern model may be far more damaged but that’s due to it sacrificing itself to minimise occupant trauma. The FJ would instead subject its occupants to far greater impact forces likely resulting in more severe injuries.

    That is a trade-off you have to accept with any classic/older model. If you cannot accept that then your only choice is to buy a modern vehicle designed in the last ten years or so, but even models released in the last fifteen to twenty years will typically be *immensely* safer than any FJ60. In the USA that excludes light trucks as they are subject to far lower standards regarding things like safety and vehicle emissions. For those you really need something designed leas than ten years ago to be within shouting distance of modern safety standards. 

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