Why are some of my Philips 4k tv video settings greyed out?

To get a more detailed picture i put my settings as follows,,, movie mode,,,mpeg pic off,,,judder off,,,pic arifact noise off,,120 uhd on,,, but it will not allow me to adjust dynamic contrast,,,and a few other things that are grayed out that are actually turned one too but I want them off for a more natural picture,,,I'm using Verizon FiOS and I have a 4K compatible HDMI cord and it is hooked up to HDMI 1 and the mode is Hdtv,,, why are some of the video settings greyed out?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    Some settings are not available in all modes.

    The Owner's Manual should tell you which ones can be used under any given condition.

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