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Why does the South Park fandom exist?

I’m trying not to be mean, I just find it really weird. I don’t hate South Park—I don’t think I’ve watched any more than four episodes and they really weren’t terrible. I think the worst thing I have to say about it is just that it’s kind of boring. But why has it suddenly attracted


kind of fanbase? The kind of fanbase that participates in cosplay, role-play, fanfiction, and shipping? It seemed to me that the people who like this stuff are the same kind of people who’d be offended by the content of the show. Aren’t a lot of the characters in elementary school, too? The amount of smut and suggestive fanart generated from this fandom has me kind of worried. I know fanbases can form for anything, no matter how edgy or shock-humor-y or (intentionally) badly drawn it is—Rick and Morty, for example—but I still really don’t get the appeal of South Park, especially to the fangirl community. 


Hey! The answers I’ve received so far lead me to believe I might’ve worded the question poorly, so I apologize for the confusion. This question is not directed to regular fans of the show! If you enjoy South Park on a casual level, that’s totally fine! I’m more curious about the fangirl aspect, people who frequent sites like Tumblr or Wattpad. Sorry again for the confusion!

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    South Park is one of the best shows on TV on multiple levels.  While the humor of episodes varies (what show doesn't) and I would argue has declined over time (they're on what, season 23?), South Park remains at least somewhat funny and has been very relevant throughout it's entire run, taking on issues big and small and giving them an unconventional treatment that refuses to toe the groupthink line.

    I can't speak to fangirls, but I suspect almost any show that runs for so long and features such vividly defined characters will draw a certain amount of this sort of thing.

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  • martin
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    4 weeks ago

    To each his own. Some people identify with the show and the circumstances presented in it.

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  • Marduk
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    4 weeks ago

    You just don't find satirical humor funny. You probably like The Office or Arrested Development both of which I don't see funny. I think South Park is great and hilarious.

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