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Is she mad at me? I'm supposed to spend Christmas with her? ?

About two weeks ago, I had a three hour conversation with someone I think of a mentor/older sister. I was having an anxiety attack and she consoled me and allowed me to talk for 2+ hours. I'm an international student and she invited me to spend Christmas with her and her family. She has previously stated that we don't have a reciprocal relationship and therefore she doesn't count it as a deduction when I come to her for things. But over the summer she said I was her friend. 

I've sent her four messages over the course of two weeks, one of which was "Have I agitated you in some way?" No response. Yesterday, she responded to my Instagram story at the gym and she said "look who's working out." I asked her if she was mad again and she asked "Why would i be mad? And mad about what?" I then gave a dissertation about how I feared I was being clingy and that I did something wrong. She read it but hasn't responded. 

I also posted a heart eye emoji under one of her recent pics and she liked all the comments besides mine. 

What should I do? 

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