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I really dont understand these body weights n now they work. Isnt this a bit weird or is it just me not getting it? ?

Haifa Wehbe ( Lebanese singer) is supposedly 5'5 and 110 lbs (50kg) while Scarlett Johansson is 5'3 and 125 lb (57 kg) but I really can't understand how Haifa is skinnier than her ? Honestly to me Scarlett looks skinner if not similar but she is apparently shorter and heavier...I dont get this.

They are both beautiful but the weight...doesn't really add up..or is it just different body types making it this way?? Tho they both have very proportionate bodies so idk...

What do you guys think? 

Update 2:

Or is the internet just lying abt their weights ? 

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  • Yes
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    let me ask you this....

    Do you know of anyone who posts their medical information on the internet?

    Do you think Google personally walked up to them and asked them how much they weigh and how tall they are?

    Answer: No

    Sure, there are ways of finding out but Google and websites do guesstimations on everyone. Maybe some of them are right, but most people don't post their stats like that on the internet. IDK about body mass and size, but don't forget that cameras and lighting affect the way a person might look. So, both of them might look different then what you suspect in real life. 

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