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I’m scared of dying and I’m suicidal and depressed? Why? I don’t even care about dying half the time but I’m terrified of it, don’t believe ?

In the afterlife either

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    Death is similar to dreaming. You go to the Spirit World where you will be greeted and guided by your loved ones who have died before you.

    What causes your depression, do you know? Environment & pollution can cause depression.

    If you are 18 yrs old and free you could join the Peace Corps.

    Go to Alaska apply at Resorts that offer wages plus room, board an transportation. Or work at Denali Park. Chena Hot Springs.

    Apply to Alaska Fish & Game or Fish & Wildlife.

    Work on a Cruise Ship to anywhere in the world.

    Go on an Adventure. Live on a river house boat. Work at a State Park or Lakes.

    Good luck. Think positive.

  • Terry
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    4 weeks ago

    These kinds of feelings are a normal result of not having accurate, reliable answers to your questions about death. Consider what Jesus told his followers: “If you remain in my word, you are really my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”​—John 8:31, 32. Knowing the truth about death will set you free from these feelings of depression and terror. Take a look:

    What Does The Bible Say?

    What Happens When We Die?

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Meh.  We're all going to die. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Sounds like you are up a creek without a paddle. Just because you don't believe in an afterlife does not mean it's not there awaiting your arrival. Why not do some research, just to cover your behind?

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      Ooo I’m terrified Ala. oh wait... no, no I’m not. LMAO 🤣😂

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