who is Baam's love interest in tower of god?

or who do you think baam should end up with?

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  • 2 weeks ago
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    I think several of the girls like to think they are Baam's love interests, with the obvious frontrunner being Endorsi Jahad at this point.  However, I can't recall Baam showing actual romantic interest in anyone.

    Yeon Yihwa hasn't even been seen in a major role for quite some time, so she's out (At least for now) and Yuri Jahad (My favourite girl in the whole series) despite seeming to think Baam is adorable acts more like an older sister towards him, so I'm not even sure she's romantically interested.

    His relationship with Rachel is the deepest and most complicated, but doesn't appear to be romantic on either side.  Other women in Baam's life all appear to be friends only.

    So I think the only realistic candidates currently are Endorsi and Yihwa (Who clearly adores Baam), assuming she ever shows up again.

    So... right now it's looking like Endorsi.  But that seems a bit too obvious, so I'd expect things to switch up a bit by the end.  Maybe Yihwa will sneak it after all.

    I think I'd personally prefer a fully adult Baam to end up ruling the tower with Yuri.  That would be interesting to say the least! :D

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