How did you figure out whether it was a UTI or interstitial cystitis?

This has been going on for 3 years with no real diagnosis. I've seen 5 urologists and many other specialists. I just started seeing a female urologist, and she has to revaluate me which I just can't wait anymore. UTI symptoms have gotten worse over the years. My body temperature rises up, and I get fevers also which I don't hear happens to people with IC. Antibiotics and herbal remedies decrease symptoms but never make symptoms fully go away because of antibiotic resistance and more I believe. I've gotten so many negative urine cultures because I've been on antibiotics for my sample or urine was diluted. When my symptoms are full blown, urine culture keeps showing group b strep. New urologist thinks that could be contamination, and she seems to lean more towards no infection. Since day one, I always had the gut feeling that I have an infection. However, in the beginning, I believed everything doctors told me. I was diagnosed with ic many times without doctors actually evaluating me. Now, I straight up think it's an infection. I read in somewhere that if your gut feeling says it's an infection, it probably is.

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