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Dream I called my former work and they thought I was a new guy, I was trying to get my job back?

Not sure why but I was calling Bout something and they said to come in calling me the new guy, I said no I used to work there. They got silent and asked my name. I said my name and asked whom I was speaking to. They did not answer. I was trying to get some help and talk to a manager to get my job back.

Why do I keep dreaming I'm trying to get my job back? I chose to leave.

I was sort of fired open door policy and told to come back to talk to the other manager. I never went back but I keep dreaming I did.


Edit: I hated that job though. I felt I was not treated fairly.

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  • 9 months ago

    Sounds like you made a hasty exit from this job.  The phone call comes from your brain and not from the employer of the job you left.  You have to get a job to support yourself, and part of you is not satisfied with the way you left your last job.  Is there anyway you could go in to speak with the manager now?  Or is it too late, or too awkward? This is why you keep dreaming this dream.  You have unfinished business back there, so find a way to make an appointment with the manager, and have answers ready for what he may ask, or questions you want answered.  

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