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infected cyst keep coming back?

I am a female and went to the doctors because I had a lump a few months ago, they said it was an infected cyst and gave me antibiotics. It was fine until it came back so they put me on antibiotics again and it went, it then came back and it keeps repeating (roughly every 2-3 months) The last time I went, the doctor said to keep putting me on antibiotics when it comes back but I don’t want to be on them all the time because of all the problems they cause if used a lot so he referred me to see a doctor for a minor op but said he’s unlikely to agree to operate because it’s so small and the location is quite risky (fold of leg at top of thigh so quite embarrassing too lol.) So he put me on antibiotics to get get rid of infection again but the problem is when it’s not infected, it’s so small there’s no way they could take it out but it can’t be left as it’s painful when infected and I’m pretty sure infections can spread and be dangerous if left. Really don’t know what to do now as I’ve cancelled the op appointment because theres not really a point because it’s too small to take out but I can’t be on antibiotics every time it comes back. Is there any other options?


the problem is when it’s not infected it’s too small to operate on because you can’t even feel or see it it’s also really deep

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    Obviously the cyst needs excised

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    Opening it up surgically is usually definitive, the sac has to be removed. Dermatologists remove small ones, so it’s too small is really not a correct answer 

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    You can go on eBay and purchase what is called a neat cell tattoo removal laser. You want the red one not the blue one put a black. In the center of the I don't know what to tell you except this is going to be painful. But wearing your mirrored sunglasses for safety. Put the little red dot abdelazer Right over the little black dotYou have marked on the cyst. And suffer the pain! Let that little red spot stay right on the tip of the cyst until it eats a hole half an inch deep. This is going to take a full 60 seconds. You're going to have a little burn there. But if the cyst has any puss inside of it it's going to come out and it's going to kill the cyst.

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