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does this change your body ? ?

My first time having sex i wasn’t as wet as my second time .. Do you get wetter each time after you lose your virginity? Or why wasn’t i wet like the second time while losing my virginity and does your vagina change after sex? 

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    being nervous/ not getting enough foreplay or taking enough time will Lessen you getting wet.

    You need to be Properly  Aroused EVERY Time you  have sex!

    the vagina Does NOT change after having sex

    it Does NOT get stretched out or Loose

    it is like a Rubbery Band- it Stretches and then Returns to it's original side after sex

    No matter How many times you have sex

    the Loose vagina is a Myth & Nonsense- with that logic the Penis should get Worn down  over time from all the rubbing- get it?

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    It's mostly based on how relaxed you are, and how much foreplay before attempting penetration.

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    its you mood and 4play that determines wetness

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    Wetness come come from how aroused you are.And yes it does change you to some degree.

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