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What to do?

This will be long but after a week or a little over a week my brother just came back a long with 2 homeless people which my mom has done nothing about. She says she is tired of baby sitting him long story short he is an alcoholic but if they are not gone in a few hours I am thinking of calling the cops I do help around the house and I do not want to clean up after them if they stay would you call the cops? I would think my mom is smart enough to do that but no I do help with money to and buy my own food so I do think I have a little bit of a right.


Yes but they could go to a homeless shelter or somewhere.

Update 2:

Later I guess it will be either me or them I have places I can go to if it makes me a bad guy so be it honestly.

Update 3:

Update: I did talk to my mom my brother apparently is sending them to a motel I am not sure how long that will last though or if they will come back also @John read @Helens answer they made my points very clearly 

Update 4:

I would give Helen the best answer but it won’t let me.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    If Pearl is so concerned maybe she could let them stay with her.  

    Just watch your back until they leave.

  • Helen
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    4 weeks ago

    You are right to be concerned. It is your home too - you don't know these people and you have no idea what these strangers may be capable of. They could steal from you - harm you - burn the house down in a drug induced psychosis... It's extremely irresponsible of your brother. Unfortunately it's not your decision, it's your mother's. You need to have a serious chat with her about how unhappy you are with the situation and the fact that you now feel unsafe and uncomfortable in your own home. If she isn't prepared to do anything about it then you may want to find an alternative place to live.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I mean why...what are they doing to you, is anyone being harassed or taken advantage of or stolen from, is anyone's Health or kids endanger and he's your moms child so they have more say than you boss... the homless and rum loving brother's need a place just like you and it's not the streets or jail

  • 4 weeks ago

    i would leave them alone, theyre already going thru enough just being homeless

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