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Im planning to learn scripting, coding, how hard is it? is it ok to start at age 17?

I am planning to be an electrical engineer and for that I need to learn to program / write code. I heard it is as difficult as learning French, is this true? How much should I spend each day learning to code to understand it well in couple years. How much should I know if I want to be an electrical, circuit engineer? Im more interested in designing circuits and electronics then programming, can't someone do the programming for me?

I also don't know where to start because I can't design electronics yet. I got to a high school that teaches about the topic. Im currently in second year (did not fail, personal reasons why im still in second grade of high school at 17). Should I start by learning to program software? What language should I start with? Many thx!

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    Yes it's okay to start, and no...French is much more involved than programming. 

    You'll probably find it significantly easier than your EE studies. 

    About half the EEs I worked with over 15 or so years of embedded programming were also decent programmers and often the ones who wrote driver code for the hardware they designed.  That was in smaller companies and small teams, though.  You may run into more structure and regimentation in larger firms.

    The thing that programming and engineering have in common is that they're both about problem solving.   You don't really have to like it, but it is a cool skill to have--even if you're not writing code to be part of a final product.  It's nice to have a computer do boring rote work for you, and not all of that is covered by existing apps.

    If you get into designing digital systems, you're going to learn C at some point, and maybe C++ as well.  Those aren't my recommendation for getting started, though.  I'd suggest Python.  It's not that hard to learn enough to just get things done.

    One strategy to think about, if you really want to do circuit design and find that you don't like programming, is to focus on analog systems.  The circuit designers who code will be mostly on the digital side of any project that uses both. 

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    It depends on the amount of magnesium in your diet.

    The fact that you asked this question implies you have insufficient magnesium.

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    i would just try it and see and then you'll know

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    If that’s what you want to do, start anytime!

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