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Ideal gas law and van Der Waals ?

P V = n R T

(atm)(L) = (mol)(L atm/mol K)(K) 1.Please show that all units for each variable in the van der Waals equation cancel out in the same way.2.What are the two main conditions or issues that are “corrected” in the van der Waals equation that are not included in the Ideal Gas Law? 

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    ideal gas law

    .. PV = nRT


    .. (P + an² /v²) * (v - nb) = nRTnote 

    note the similarities?

    .. an² /V² ... corrects for the assumption that there are no particle particle interactions

    .. nb .. ... ..corrects for the assumption that gas particles have no volume

    as to units

    .. an² /V² must have units of pressure for dimensional homogeniety

    ... ... ... .. with the pressure term.

    .. n² has units of mol²

    .. V² has units of volume²

    .. a must therefore have units of pressure * volume² / mol²

    ...... ex... atm L² / mol²


    .. b must have units volume / mol..... L/mol e.g.

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