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So Michigan blocked a Spartan punt and the crowd and the announcers went wild. Did I miss something?

It wasn't a turning point. Michigan already had a three score lead. Why the hoopla?

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    You're missing a lot.

    The home crowd in this series goes crazy any time their team scores against the other.

    The other night, Buffalo had a three score lead against Kent State, 27 - 6, in the fourth quarter, and lost the game 30-27. In college ball, no three-score lead is ever safe.

    Blocking a punt is a big play at any time. It can be a momentum-killer if it happens against a team trying to stage a comeback.

    Announcers sometimes get caught up in the excitement of the big play and the pandemonium surrounding them. When 110,000+ fans are on their feet and screaming, it's impossible not to feel the energy.

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