Why did they stop making battery operated mechanical clocks?

Back in the 1970s before the trend of quartz clocks, they had these wall clocks that was battery operated.

The battery substituted for the mainspring and was a dc powered motor that turned the mechanical gears inside of the clock.

The pendulum was still needed for accurate timekeeping. Pendulum bob up for fast and down for slow. 

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    4 weeks ago
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    The reason is pretty obvious. A quartz movement is cheaper and more accurate, and electric power doesn’t inspire enthusiasts interested in mechanical movements. For those who simply want the appearance of a mechanical movement, a dummy pendulum is used and still brings a price point and accuracy better than any mechanical movement. 

    Kind of like the Bulova Accutron which used and electric powered tuning fork for its movement. Revolutionary in the early 1960s... but more of a curiosity piece today. 

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    4 weeks ago

    Another moronic clock question in your fetish line?

  • 4 weeks ago

    They still make battery operated clocks. They also still make mechanical operated clocks where you have to used a key to wind it up. 

  • JetDoc
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    4 weeks ago

    Quartz clocks are still battery operated. They're just much more accurate than the old style DC powered motor and gears.

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    Please go outside and talk to real people, instead of posting this crap over and over... you really are pathetic. 

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    They still make them. I was at Epcot earlier this year and a shop in Germantown sold clocks.

    They just don’t make as many because there are clocks everywhere. Look at your mobile device. There’s a clock there. Do you have a cable box. It tells the time. If you have a dvd or blu-ray player, it tells the time. I have echo sow and the time is displayed. Most Bose devices displays the time. 

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